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Boico studio - a rounded approach to visual
Boico Studio is an animation studio that offers a wide range of services to meet all your animation needs, from concept to delivery: 2D, 3D, character development and design, scripting, compositing, visual effects, production and direction, as well as post production services. We specialize in bringing ideas to life, and believe that every product or brand we promote should deliver a crystal-clear message, and be supported by perfectly tweaked visual frames.
How do we do it?
Boico Studio is a one-stop shop: We realize that every project has different needs, so for each and every job, we assemble a team of professionals to meet them – scriptwriters and copywriters, storyboard artists, professional voice actors, VFX Artists and animators. We cater to local and global clients from diverse fields and backgrounds, from high profile corporations and advertising agencies to small NGOs.
In Boico Studio, attention to detail is king: From the perfect color palette to the flowing motion of every frame, we seek to distill the message and bring every creative element to life. We know that audiences today have a keen ear for nonsense and zero patience for long-winded messages. So, every word, and every frame, must be creative, precise, and capture the attention and imagination of the men and women who watch it.
In short: We produce animated experiences that anyone can relate to.

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